About Kawaii Stationery

Welcome! A wide range of cute Japanese and Korean stationery is available here. My passion for "Kawaii Stationery" began when I saw how much my young daughter enjoys using them. Not only does she enjoys doing her homework, she feels happy using them. How many parents can say that! Kawaii Stationeries are cute, Kawaii Stationeries are sweet, Kawaii Stationeries are trendy, Kawaii Stationeries are timeless. They will brighten up any stationery collection. They are ideal as gifts or for your own use. Visit our online shop : GET THEM NOW!!


Pen VN213 VP300 ~ Magical Pen and Pen Eraser S$2.50 ( set) SOLD

Ink : Blue
removeable by pen eraser
* this pen eraser is not able to erase other type of ink except this pen

Colour design :  Green, Blue, Pink


Pen VD210 ~ Ball Point Blue Pen - Love Series

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Ink : Blue

Design :
1 Love Monkey, I Love Rabbit, I Love Bear

Pen VE407 ~ Ball Point Cartoon Head Blue Pen

Ink : Blue
Length :16cm

Pen VE405 ~ Rabbit and Bear Ink Pen

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Kawaii 小兔 小熊
Ink Pen : colour Black
Size : 0.5mm

Available : Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink

Pen VD307 ~ Ink Pen Black Ink Rabbit (SOLD)

Size : 0.5mm

Available : Lt Pink Black Ink (last pce)

VD104 ~ Bicycle and car Ink Pen

Bicycle and Car
Ink : Red colour
Design :
Brown Bicycle, Pink Bicycle, Red Car, Blue Car

Pen VE205 ~ Long Thin BallPoint Pen

Long Thin Pen
Ink : Blue
Length :18.3cm
Available : Black, Orange, White Pink, Blue

Pen VG206 ~ Cute Bear Ball Point Pen

Cute Bear
Ink : Blue

Available :
Frog, Blue Bear, Pink Bear, Tiger

Pen VG308 ~ Everybody Love Skull Ball Point Pen

Everybody Love Skull
Ink : Blue
Length :14cm

Available : Black, Blue, Pink, White

Pen VF307 ~ Black Bear with Strip Shirt Ball Point Pen

Bear Pen
Ink : Blue

Pen VE306 ~ Shake Shake Head Doll Ink Pen

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Shake Shake Head Doll
Ink : Black
Length :15.4cm
Size : 0.38mm
New Stock !!
Available : Red, Blue, Yellow

Pen VN115 ~ Cloud Leaf S$1.50 (Set of 2)

卡通 云朵 树叶
Length :14.8cm
Size : 0.35mm

Available :
(Blue Ink), (Black Ink), (Black Ink)


Pen VH215 ~ Pino Ball Point Pen

Ink : Blue

Available : Pink, Blue, Yellow

Pen VE219 ~ Japanese Doll Ball Point Pen

Japanese Doll
Ink : Blue
Length :14.8cm

Available : Pink, Blue, Yellow, Lime

Pen VH303 ~ Cartoon Design S$2.00 each (SOLD)

Ink : Black Ink
Length : 14.8cm


Pen VE301 ~ Korean Little Girl S$7.50 (Set of 4 pcs) ALL SOLD

Kawaii Korean Little Girl Pen
Sold in set of 4 with different designs

Ink : Blue Ink
Size : 0.38mm

Posi it pad VA300 ~ Fruit Girl S$2.00

Size : 100 x150mm
4 designs in a pack

Available : Green, Yellow, Red, Brown

Post it Pad VP419 - Cat and girl

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Size : 1.5 x 7cm
 4 designs in a pack

Notebook VC111 ~ Fruit Girls

size : 180 x 170mm, 40 pages

Sticker VS100 ~ Lovely Cat Designs

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Size : 12 x 19CM
Total 6 pieces in a pack

Bag / Bag organiser

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Multislots holder with note pad VE409 ~ S$6.50

 size  : 10.8x16.8cm Height : 3cm

Available :  01,03
Sold : 02, 04

Notebook VG318 ~ Fairy Tales S$6.00

Big Notebook size : 26 x 18.5cm, 52 pages
Available : 02,04
Sold : 01,03

Card case VA310 ~ Fashion Lady

size : 70x103mm, 14 card inserts


Card case VA204 ~ Fruit girl 32 inserts

Size : 80 x 105mm,32 card inserts


Diary Notebook VA107 ~ Fruit Girl

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Size : 94 x 157mm,128 pages
Available : Kiwi / Grapefruit, Greenapple
Sold : Orange

Diary notebook VD415 ~ Fruit Girl

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Size : 100 x 120mm,96 pages
Available : Blue, Red, Yellow
Sold : Brown

Notebook VC407 ~ Cecelia

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Size : 7.5 x 10.5cm , 84 pages


Post it pad VO400 ~ Cute Doggie Bone (SOLD)

Size : 5x2xm
4 pcs in a pack, 2 white + 2 brown
Available : SOLD

Notebook VB324 ~ Paper Doll Mate

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size : 84 x 150mm,120 pages
Available : last piece

Notebook / cash book VG418 ~ Rabbit with costume design

Size : 104 x 140mm,48 pages


Post it Pad VA116 ~ Fruits Girl S$2.80 each

size : 64x86mm,90 pages
New stock
Available :  Peach, Cherry, Guava ,Tomato