About Kawaii Stationery

Welcome! A wide range of cute Japanese and Korean stationery is available here. My passion for "Kawaii Stationery" began when I saw how much my young daughter enjoys using them. Not only does she enjoys doing her homework, she feels happy using them. How many parents can say that! Kawaii Stationeries are cute, Kawaii Stationeries are sweet, Kawaii Stationeries are trendy, Kawaii Stationeries are timeless. They will brighten up any stationery collection. They are ideal as gifts or for your own use. Visit our online shop : GET THEM NOW!!


Sticker ~ Pink Bean water proof 8pcs set (18x12cm)

Sticker ~ Sticker Daily 10pcs set (9.5x17cm) S$7.50 (SOLD)

Sticker ~ Name sticker Water Resistant 26pcs (19x12cm)

Sold randomly
Individual sticker length about 3~3.5cm

Sticker ~ My little friend 6pcs set (15x10xm) S$5.00

Sticker ~ Helloday Sticker Daily 10pcs set (9.5x17cm) S$7.50

Sticker ~ Fred 6pcs set (8.5x17.5cm) S$4.00 (SOLD)

Sticker ~ Antique stamp design 6pcs set (310x310mm) S$4.00 each

sticker ~ Public Transport & Fairy tale design 2 pcs Set (6.5x9cm) S$1.20 each

Stamp ~ Stamp in a pail

Available : Blue (last)
Sold : Pink, Purple, Green

More rubber stamps : visit :

Post-it-pad ~ 7sections (11.4x8.5cm,total pages210)

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Available : 1,2,3
Sold : 4

Post-it-pad ~ Little Girl Collection S$3.50 each (All SOLD)

All Sold : 1,2,3

Post it pad ~ Plaster design (12x38, 20x70, 40x70mm 20 pages each) S$2.50

Pen ~ Clay figuring S$2.50 each

Ball pen, black ink

Available : Cow
Sold : Bear, Pooh

Pencil case ~ Velvet Rabbit design (19.5x9cm) $6.00 each

All Sold : Blue, Brown, Blue, red, Pink,purple

Pencil case ~ Pokka dot ribbon design (18x8.5cm) S$12.00 each

Available : Red, Maroon
Sold : Blue, Black

Pencil case ~ Cartoon design (20.5x10.5cm) S$3.00 each

Available : No.9
Sold : No. 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,4

Pencil case ~ Black cat (18.2x5cm) $5.00 each

Pen ~ Furry Rabbit and Heart design S$2.50 each

Pen ~ Princess Furry Ball S$2.50 each

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Ball pen, blue ink
Fur ball size approx 5cm

Pen ~Stick Man design Ink Pen (15.4cm)

Ink pen, Black Ink

Pen ~ 3D Wooden design

Ball Pen, blue ink

Pen ~ Rabbit cartoon design Ball Point Pen

Very smooth Ball Point Pen, black ink

Pen ~ HELLO Cartoon design Ball Point Pen S$1.50 each

Ball pen, blue ink
Available : Doggie, Rabbit, Black Cat
Sold : Bear

Pen ~ Cartoon design Ball Point Pen S$1.50each

New Stock !!
Ball Point Pen, blue ink

Note book ~ Funny Faces (11x8cm) S$3.50 each

Available: 01,03,04,05
Sold: 02

Note book ~ Lucid dreaming (6.1x13.6cm 81pages) S$3.00 each

Blank and raw page
Available : 1 (Blue), 2 (brown), 3 (White)
Sold :  4 (orange)