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Welcome! A wide range of cute Japanese and Korean stationery is available here. My passion for "Kawaii Stationery" began when I saw how much my young daughter enjoys using them. Not only does she enjoys doing her homework, she feels happy using them. How many parents can say that! Kawaii Stationeries are cute, Kawaii Stationeries are sweet, Kawaii Stationeries are trendy, Kawaii Stationeries are timeless. They will brighten up any stationery collection. They are ideal as gifts or for your own use. Visit our online shop : GET THEM NOW!!


Pen VE301 ~ Korean Little Girl S$7.50 (Set of 4 pcs) ALL SOLD

Kawaii Korean Little Girl Pen
Sold in set of 4 with different designs

Ink : Blue Ink
Size : 0.38mm